The Biggest Health Insurance Company in the US

The United States has a few huge health insurance companies, which dominate the market and give people affordable health insurance plans. However, there are many other small companies that also provide affordable health insurance to people. Some of these companies are even considered as one of the biggest health insurance company in the country. They are also the big players in the field of health insurance, with more than a hundred million dollars in annual revenue. However, when it comes to coverage and service, not all companies are created equal. Below is a list of some of the best-selling companies in the United States.

This is one of the biggest health insurance companies in the country. With an estimated six million employees and several hundred thousand independent providers, HMO’s provide low-cost, comprehensive health care for their customers. People can choose a policy that suits them, depending on their individual health conditions and financial needs. People living in the HMO’s network are eligible for a wide range of health services and medical procedures at reduced cost.

This is probably one of the biggest health insurance company in the country. It offers its clients a wide range of coverage options. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, for example, covers a wide range of health issues and provides low-cost, flexible health care policies for clients who need it. Its other health insurance policies offer clients special plans and benefit packages for different age groups, health conditions and health goals.

This is another one of the best-selling health insurance companies in the US. Astra, for example, covers dental, vision and long-term care. It also offers affordable health care policies to individuals and families with low and fixed incomes. The Blue Cross believes in making health care more accessible and affordable for everyone. It offers online forms for registration and customer information, as well as toll-free access to a professional consultant.

This company is a member of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas and sells individual and family health coverage. It also offers employer-sponsored health plans and group coverage. Individual plans start at as low as $123 per month, but family plans are priced from as much as six hundred dollars per month. The Blue Cross does not consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition and does not expect questions on age, gender or health prior to acceptance.

This is another excellent choice. One of the most notable features of this insurance company is that it does not consider obesity or being overweight as exclusions for coverage. People who smoke are also accepted. In addition, they offer a discount if the consumer participates in a State Health Department program.

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